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        企业精神: 求实进取 团结奉献 客户至上 信誉保障
        经营理念: 以人为本 求真务实
        质量文化: 更多倾注 更高要求 精益求精 科学发展
        服务理念: 打造精品服务 追求顾客满意
        品牌文化: 创民族工业的世界品牌
        用人文化: 知人善任 任人唯贤 人尽其才 相辅相成
        企业目标: 规模更大 信誉更佳 发展更快 效益更好
        Enterprise culture is an important part of the social culture system. It is the comprehensive reflection and expression of the national culture and the modern consciousness in the enterprise. It is the main values for an enterprise, such as enterprising, defensive or development. These values constitute the norm of the company's employees' vitality, opinions and behaviors.
        Enterprise spirit: seeking truth from action, unity, dedication, customer first, reputation protection
        Management concept: people-oriented and pragmatic and pragmatic
        Quality culture: more focus on higher requirements, excellence and scientific development
        Service concept: create quality service and pursue customer satisfaction
        Brand culture: a world brand that creates national industry
        Employing culture: knowing others and being good at others, giving full play to talents and giving full play to talents are complementary to each other.
        Business objectives: bigger scale, better reputation, faster development and better efficiency.
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