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               上海沧瀛管件制造有限公司,公司生产主要产品:钢制管件、耐麿管件、防腐管件。其中钢制管件包括:弯头、弯管、三通、异径管、法兰、封头、管帽、接管座、支吊架等高、中低压三大系列, 产品材质分别有碳钢、不锈钢、合金钢及用户特殊要求的其他金属材料,管件产品共有1000多种规格、型号。公司同时提供诸多增值服务,代购代采,方便客户,实现管道控制系统配件采购,为客户节约采购成本。
               1. 提供特殊需求产品设计、制造,满足客户的个性化需要。
               2. 公司严格按着合同约定安排生产、发运,保证按着合同约定时间供货。
        Shanghai Cangying pipe fittings manufacturing Co., Ltd. The steel pipe fittings include: elbow, elbow, three pass, different diameter pipe, flange, head, pipe cap, pipe cap, pipe rack, support hanger and other high and medium low and low pressure three series. The products are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other metal materials with special requirements of users. There are more than 1000 specifications and models for pipe fittings. At the same time, the company provides a lot of value-added services, purchasing on behalf of customers, to facilitate customers, to achieve the procurement of piping control system accessories, and to save procurement costs for customers.
        The company has strong technical strength and can be manufactured: flange, blind plate, elbow, three, four, pipe (large and small head) head, cap, manhole, hand hole, ripple compensator (expansion joint), sleeve compensator, rotary compensator, non-metal compensator, metal hose, waterproof casing, rubber soft connector, telescopic joint, Insulation joints, power plant fittings, hangers and hangers, filters, anticorrosive insulation pipes and fittings. The products are applied in the fields of ocean, petroleum, petrochemical, shipbuilding, electric power, thermal power, chemical industry, natural gas, urban engineering installation, steel and so on. Products sell well all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and dozens of countries and regions.
        Service commitment:
        1. provide special needs for product design and manufacture to meet the individual needs of customers.
        2. the company strictly arranges the production and shipment according to the contract, and guarantees the supply according to the contract time.
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